What We Do Best

How we do it:

We audit your telecommunications usage profile and SLA’s (landlines, calls, broadband, mobiles, and we also look into your telephony solutions e.g. telephone systems/maintenance). We will submit our report after the audit; in most cases we have come across businesses paying up to 55% more on their expenditure and we have also found underutilised infrastructures e.g. lines.

The first phase of the audit is to email or fax me the first six pages of your recent telephone Bills, maintenance contract etc.

4ward provides bespoke communications solutions, for example we can provide phone systems, advise on technology developments, install and maintain the systems and supply: line rental, data connectivity, mobile phones and call routing.

4ward helps clients work together better by improving communications between staff, suppliers and customers.

4ward drives down Total Cost of Ownership of telecommunications - tackling all costs, not just call costs.

This means we can deliver cost reductions far beyond the reach of other service providers.

  1. We are uniquely positioned to do this because no other service provider has a more innovative range of services, all from a single source.
  2. We start by cutting telecoms costs:
  3. Composite solutions – best cost from best fit.
  4. Consolidated billing – volume discounts, less administration.
  5. Management reporting – reallocating costs and identifying wastage.
  6. When we’ve cut all the costs, we go on raising business productivity:
  7. 4wardomics – identifying productivity issues – see vertical white papers
  8. New technology - optimising business communicationService level management –maintaining business continuity.