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There are a number of commonly asked questions relating to our products and services which we have tried to address in this section. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please contact our sales department on 0845 391 6400 for further information. Outbound telephony

It is Openreach who responds to line faults. They respond to faults from us in the same response time as they respond to faults from BT Retail. Ofcom, the regulatory body for telecommunications, regulates this. We have a quicker response time compare to BT retail because we donít use a queuing system. Any faults move, or new installations are carried out by Openreach engineers as before so you received the benefit of saving money and the peace of mind knowing that youíre still on the BT network.

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You currently obtain your line rental from BT Retail. They obtain the line rental from BT Openreach and we also obtain the line rental from BT Openreach. We simply do a like for like transfer whom moves your line over to us with the same services that are currently on it e.g. caller display, etc

BT Openreach has given us an electronic gateway that links into their system. If you have a fault then you must phone us and not BT. We will then do a line test and if there is a fault then we will log it. Openreach will then assign an engineer to it that will come out and fix it in an Openreach van as normal.

IVR is an automated voice facility which uses recorded voice information to offer a range of options to every caller which they can use to divert themselves to the right place or department to deal with their enquiry. We usually record a bespoke welcome message and menu of options for each service, which the caller can select to send their call to the right area for their enquiry.

Because of the interconnects that we have established with various carriers, we deliver service quality standards equivalent to BT, but charge our customers considerably less. The multiple interconnects we have with the national network and the multi-level redundancy within our platform mean that in the event of network failure, we can re-route calls down the nearest available delivery channel ensuring the service is not lost

Within reason no - we need to completely understand the type of service that you intend to run. We need to know all the details about the numbers you want calls to be delivered to, how they want calls spread out between departments etc...We will then build a bespoke solution to meet you needs on our own network.

Number Porting means that you can request the transfer of an existing NGN from the company that currently delivers your inbound calls, to an alternative supplier providing they have a porting agreement in place with your existing supplier. 4ward Communications have a porting agreement with British Telecom which means that we can take any existing British Telecom NGN and port it onto our network.

If you are currently a BT customer then we can do a lot for you. All you have to do is agree to bring or 'port' your number to our service and we will mirror your existing service and make significant savings for you.

There are various types of NGN's available and 4ward offers the following: 0800 - Caller pays nothing; number holder pays full cost of the call 0845 - Caller pays local rate, number holder pays the difference 0870/0871 - Caller pays national rate, number holder pays nothing 0906 - Caller pays special tariff, number holder receives out payment.